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Why Realtors Should Use Real Estate Auction

house gavel real estate auctionAuthor: Giacomo Sinisgalli

Realtors often consider Real Estate Auction as a desperate attempt to sell property. More importantly, since the majority of realtors are not licensed auctioneers or simply don’t know enough about the auction process to sell their client’s assets through the process, they mostly keep the concept at bay. However, what most realtors fail to realize is that a real estate auction can be the most effective and quick method to sell real estate at true market value.

Accelerated Marketing Makes Every Marketing Dollar Count

Conventional methods of selling real estate involve a drawn out marketing plan that includes executing outreach and advertising campaigns over an extended period of time. This strategy fizzles out and often fails to create any real interest in an asset. Auction on the other hand uses accelerated marketing, which is more or less a blitz of advertising, among other outreach efforts, to create maximum awareness about a property in weeks instead of months. 

Closing within 45-60 Days

Some realtors may think that holding on to real estate from 6 months to a few years is normal in this type of economy. However, the longer an asset is on the market, the more value it loses because buyers are aware of how long it has been available. Since the supply is abundant, there is no real demand for it at the price that the seller wants. With real estate auction, realtors are encouraged to sell their properties with the help of a professional real estate auction company within 45-60 days of listing. 

Alternative Method of Selling

Auction is a truly unique method of selling real estate. Not only does it bring real estate in front of millions of investors, but it also helps sell other real estate realtors have in their portfolio. Let’s face it, buyers are always looking for a good deal when purchasing real estate. The word auction itself holds great meaning for a smart buyer, so they are more likely to consider buying real estate through auction than through conventional methods. Realtors with stale listings are most encouraged to use auction.

So instead of considering real estate auction as a last ditch effort to offload property, realtors can use this method as their first choice to successfully sell real estate within the shortest amount of time possible.

Real estate auction site is a good platform for Realtors

The real estate auction site is a good platform that has an entire collection of houses for sale or homes for rent. Therefore, realtors can make their job easier by visiting only a single database for a whole list of available properties up in the market. The prices are also not fixed, hence a property could go on sale way below the market price. However, the catch is to be quick and hope that you win the bid.