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Alternative Marketing Sources Real Estate Auction Method

Author: Stephen J. Martin & Thomas E. Battle

home auction and gavelDetermining how best to assist a client in the reallocation of real estate assets requires analysis of the property and the reasons for its sale. The real estate professional will ask a series of questions to determine how best to help the client. You will ask questions such as:

  1. How can I arrange a transaction which will provide the highest return to my client?
  2. How can I insure that my client's property will receive the most attention in the market place?
  3. How can I arrange for the most expedient sale possible, while still controlling all the elements of negotiation except price?

The answer to these and other questions about how to service your client's real estate needs may be found in an alternative marketing method. This chapter discusses the use of one such alternative in detail, the accelerated method of marketing. In today's real estate market property owners often have a need for fast and efficient sale of their real estate assets. Real estate investors are placing more emphasis than ever before on the need for careful analysis of the true cost of holding and marketing property. With ever increasing frequency, smart real estate professionals are turning to a long standing marketing alternative, the auction alternative or what is referred to more and more today as accelerated marketing

The nature of the real estate market requires quick, but commercially feasible, action for both buyers and sellers. This atmosphere has fostered dramatic growth of the accelerated method of marketing as the preferred method of marketing or reallocating assets in many situations

As the accelerated method of marketing is now being used more frequently, we need to understand this dynamic part of the real estate industry.