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Real Estate Transaction is Moving Online

  • 95% of home buyers search online, 60% of them search on their smart phones.
  • 40%-60% of real estate sales are through auctions in large cities of Australia.
  • Through auction process, Real Estate Transaction can go online too.
  • Real Estate Transactions are already moving online in the US.

online real estate auction platfrom the first online auction platform for real estate

  • Innovative online auction platform ( patent pending ).
  • Improved auction rules exclusively for online real estate transaction.
  • A complete solution for real estate ( high value assets) transactions via Internet. 
  • None-Real Time Bidding process on Internet. Submit bids from your smart phone, anytime, anywhere.
  • Enhanced seller verification, enhanced bidder verification, enhanced bidder qualification for bidding.
  • A sale process that is more transparent, more efficient, more fair.
  • Make real estate transactions less cumbersome and more cost effective for all parties
  • Produce expedited real estate sales

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real estate auction The first online auction marketplace for real estate.

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why should realtors partner with real estate auction company A real estate agent network based on auction sale process

  • Designed to put the agent in control of the auction process, without any effect on the agent’s commission structure. See More in our AgentList Program
  • Exclusively for listing agents – NO “For Sale By Owner” properties are allowed. Find Local Partnership Agent
  • Provide your motivated seller clients an option of Sale by Aauction Mobile App enables bidding ANYTIME, ANYWHERE's Mobile App enables bidding from your smart phone, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

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How it works?

A real estate agent work with an auctioneer work together to hold an auction. Learn More ...

  • an information package is prepared by agent on the property for prospective bidders.
  • bidders need cash or pre-approved financing before the auction date.
  • bidders have access to see the property before the auction, typically through showing by listing agent.
  • the auctioneer conducts the auction online. Bidders submit bids online ( None-Real Time Process)
  • at the end of the auction, the successful bidder goes to the real estate professional to complete the purchase contract
  • the property is sold “as is”.

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Who will this benefit?

  • Real estate agents earn the same, but work less. Learn More about Why Partner with
  • Sellers pay the same, but get sales quicker.
  • Buyers can bid from their smart phone, any time anywhere
  • all parties enjoy the process that is more transparent, more efficient, more fair


Will this create more work for agents?

  • No, since's auctioneer holds the online auction and takes over the price negotiation part of the sale, real estate agent does less work.
  • With, you do not earn less, you just work less.

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When will this launch?

All the Final Release of the above will be launched in Dec of 2016. What you see here is A Beta Site. Testing and Feedback are welcome to email us