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Why Partner with

why should realtors partner with real estate auction company

Why Real Estate Agent should Partner with real estate auction company?

1, Auction is a proven sale mechanism for real estate. 

In Australia, 20% - 60% of real estate sales are via auction even in a balanced market. With real estate market in Alberta going downward, the share of auction sale should increase dramatically. 

2, More Selling Option for Clients. 

By partnering with real estate auction company, real estate brokers can provide their clients with the Option of selling via auction, which would be an advantage over other brokers who do not do so.


What is is an real estate auction company. At we are a little different - but in a good way. developed its own online auction platform for High Value asset ( Patent Pending ) . is also an online marketplace for real estate, keeping agents at the center of real estate transactions.


Why Partner with

1, Bidwin has its own powerful Online Auction Platform.  

Bidwin has Online Auction Platform that makes real estate transactions more transparent, more efficient, less cumbersome, more cost effective and more fair for all parties.

Especially with the rapid growth of  mobile device usage and mobile Internet, online auction's advantage will be more obvious.

2, Realtors can make more money, but do less work


  • Realtor keeps all the commission from seller. Buyer agent keeps all the commission offered by seller agent.
  • Realtor may get extra 0.5 to 1% from auction company( subject to change without notice).
  • Auction company does the price negotiation part of the sale ( in an auction way)


3,More Dual Agency Opportunities

Realtor has more opportunities to be dual agency. Most of bidders are professional investors and they do not use agent.

4,More leads, More Customers

Realtor gets more leads, and retains all of their clients.