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online real estate auction how it works is the first online marketplace for real estate auction in Canada. Its innovative auction platform ( patent pending ) is a complete solution for real estate( high value assets) to be transacted via Internet. It is also a network that connects real estate agents, auctioneers, sellers and buyers. By embodying enhanced seller verification, bidder verification, bidder qualification and bidding process,'s auction platform makes an online real estate marketplace more transparent, more efficient, more fair.  It also embodies modified auction rules specifically for online real estate transaction to make that happens.'s platform is designed to keep agent at the center of the real estate transaction: (1) All properties on are required to have a listing agent, no FSBOs are allowed; (2) Buyer agent co-operation is welcome. is an open marketplace where all real estate agents and brokers can sell via online auctions.

At, we specialize in the expedited sale of real estate through our award-winning online bidding platform and offer amazing buying opportunities to investors and home buyers every utilizes its state-of-the-art technology to make real estate transactions less cumbersome and more cost effective for all parties. The property online auction portal is safe, simple, and it works.

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Learn more about Why Partner with'sTechnology  utilizes web based software to realize the entire procedure of online real estate transaction including online bidding,  which creates a network that allows open, visible competition among real estate buyers. only permits real estate agent to hold online auction, so that the sellers' identity and selling authority are verified by real estate agent before these properties show online. Before bidding online, every bidder has to have $2000 credit card authorization hold by, so that every bid is a serious one. Asset managers and professional investors can also hold online auctions on, however, individual owners can not sell properties on

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