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Helpful Features

Once you are registered with the website, you have access to several benefits offered by the website:

Property Notification

When you register with the website, you will be asked to tick the check box saying "Property Notification". This would provide you with accurate information on the new properties added in your area. Yes, this feature is free and no subscription is required.

My message box

As soon as your registration is complete and you log into your account, you would be able to see the message box. This is where you communicate with other people. You can compose messages and send to the seller and receive replies from them, all in the system of

My Watching Properties offers two options to bid in its site. There is a page called "My Watching Properties" where you can save the properties that you are interested in. You can bid from this page or you can click on the property's bid page to bid. In My Watching Properties page, you can monitor the properties you are interested and the bids placed on them. Having this page is a must, especially if you intend to bid on more than one page. Additionally, to enjoy more benefits, you can make use of the website's ProxyBidding™ feature.

You have the absolute freedom to manage your "My Watching Properties" page. You can add properties, remove them and visit the page to review your bids. However, only registered users can use this website.

ProxyBidding™ - One of the most useful tools on

ProxyBidding is quite useful because it allows for automated bidding even when you are not sitting in front of your computer and manually bidding. ProxyBidding can be done on several properties simultaneously, but to use this feature successfully you have to determine the highest price that you are interested to pay for any property. The proxy system would place the bid on your behalf and use only a certain amount, just to ensure that your bid is at topmost. However, you have to enter the maximum amount that you are willing to pay as your bid amount.

Here are the figures to make it sound better for you.

A property is put up for auction where the last recorded bid is at $1,00,000. Your proxy system would place the bid automatically at $101,000. But that is only if the maximum bid that you allow is more than $1,00,000 (this you have to clarify when you register with the proxy system). The proxy system has the freedom to keep on bidding till it reaches the maximum amount that you had agreed earlier.