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Agent Program Overview

Welcome to the online marketplace of real estate investors is the best home auction site in Canada where real estate agents can buy and sell properties for their customers. The company aims to bring together an intelligent team of real estate professionals whose unique combination of real estate, marketing, technology and auctioneer would pave the way for new innovative ways through which properties can be sold and bought. The aim is to streamline the entire cumbersome process of selling real estate and leverage the advantages offered through internet to make a paperwork intense process hassle-free and easy.

Bidwin thus welcomes all real estate agents to register in the website and sell properties or bid on them. As a real estate agent all you need to do is register and maintain a single account with Bidwin and you can enjoy all the benefits.

Bidwin aims to get together all the listing agents serving in Alberta area to be a part of their venture. The website provides all the assistance so that you can sell properties in the most efficient manner. The website however, does not allow FSBO properties, so all the properties are required to have a listing agent as a mandatory requisite for listing properties.

Bidwin is the transparent platform through which buyer's agents can search for properties and find the best for their clients. All the agents who successfully sell properties will be able to win a good commission (unless there are exceptions). As an agent, you can bid directly through your account or through your client's account.