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Who should use Bidwin Community?online real estate auction platfrom

Bidwin Community is a network for: 

  1. all users of bidwin who want to know about buying or selling through real estate auctions; 
  2. real estate agents who are interested in selling real estate through auction; See our  AgentList Program.
  3. real estate investors who want to know more about buying and selling distressed property;

At Bidwin Community, you can search for answers of your questions, get custom supports from Bidwin team, connect with others. you are also welcome to give us feedback on your experiences.

For Realtors:  Add Online Auctions To Your Listings
Realtors across Canada are re-evaluating their marketing approach to combat the ever-changing real estate market. Add online auctions to your office marketing programs with and see how your sales and listings take off. is exclusively for listing agents – NO “For Sale By Owner” properties are allowed. Put your client’s properties online and join the auction revolution. is designed to put the agent in control of the auction process, without any effect on the agent’s commission structure. Go online with to read our AgentList Program or view our Agent Orientation Videos and get started today. 

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